poems & things of Jennifer Burch

With your body or mine, with heart or mind, a calling, a quiet drumming, pulsing, singing. I hear the current of nature asking me, inviting me into the space, a point that oscillates between point and infinity. A river in your leg, a piano in your arm, the rain, a bright star in your chest, turning earth, rapidly transforming life, potential, rhythm or sleep. Deep grief, joy, peace or void, a thousand stories in a body, more. My fingertips to the core of the earth, passing through thoughts and forms of all we layer on top of her, of us.


It was March, on the cusp of pools flowing out of the stars. There must have been a door, as now, in the center of me.

dodecahedronIn Bertrand Russell’s 1954 short story “THE MATHEMATICIAN’S NIGHTMARE: The Vision of Professor Squarepunt,” the number 5 said: “I am the number of fingers on a hand. I make pentagons and pentagrams. And but for me dodecahedra could not exist; and, as everyone knows, the universe is a dodecahedron. So, but for me, there could be no universe.”



Dion, Dion

who wrote to me today
she says

I could go on like this
on account of us
our creditors

Dion, Hi
on Madison, ennnn why
oh please

the junk food aside
and people watching
Dion, Dion


I want to forgive talk of ourselves
in the third person, as if someone walks
on their own without the rest of us


Out of time
a cold wind
in the spring
pushes back

around rocks
then inside
breaking up
from the North

you began
as a needle
standing up
in double wind


I guess so
when I think of a field
and how my hair could fill it

being the tip of my blood
I have a lot of it


I hope tonight’s like Kentucky
the horses shining in the backyard

I walked past it all by myself
just like I do now, when I see
things in cardboard boxes

they still use cardboard
after all this time, you know
I do not wonder about this

I hope tonight’s like Kentucky


How shall I say it
because I’m not Houdini

which is what I mean
I don’t want to get out of it

or make this place quietly
repeatable like Houdini

I just want it to happen
like it sometimes does

People are still talking
and each one lives inside
my head.

My head lives inside
my heart they say.
Oh, I wish it did.

I’m not playing tricks
on any one of them.
Someone dreams.

I recall what he made
of second grade
riding on a cloud.


Stars crossing
a little world spin

with only stillness
on the winter earth
they come alive


Someone was looking for me one-hundred and sixty-six hours ago. They said, “Where’s Charlotte? Oh, there you are!” But I am not Charlotte.

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I never was well unless I was stretched out across the universe – Pessoa

Sig Braginski and I will be going on an offline adventure for a while. Thanks for observing his irreverent, and, for yours truly, hysterical birth. Any clown will tell you that happy and sad are just two faces.

Today I share something different, that I heard while walking this morning. OK, so I was multi-tasking, but quite present to my steps as I listened to a podcast from Upaya.

Ten Guides Along the Path (Powang Sammaeron)

1. Don’t hope for perfect health. Perfect health leads only to greater greed. “Treat illness as medicine, not disease”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

2. Don’t long for a life free from hardship–such a life leads only to haughtiness and self-pampering. “Make worries and hardships a way of life”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

3. Don’t hope for a lack of impediments in your study. “Release is hiding right behind obstructions”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

4. Don’t hope for a lack of temptations in your training. A lack of temptations will only serve to soften your resolve. “Treat temptations as friends who are helping you along the path”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

5. Don’t hope for easy success. Easy accomplishment leads only to increased rashness. “Accomplish through difficulties”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

6. Don’t hope to get your own way with friends. Having friends give in to your wishes only leads to arrogance. “Make long-term friends through compromise in your relationships”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

7. Don’t expect people to follow your wishes or commands. This, too, leads to arrogance. “Consider those who differ with you to be your character builders” —so spoke the Enlightened One.

8. Don’t expect rewards for your kindnesses. This leads only to a scheming mind. “Throw out expectation of rewards like you’d thrown out old shoes” —so spoke the Enlightened One.

9. Don’t expect more out of life than you deserve. Exaggerated profit-seeking leads only to foolishness. “Become rich at heart with small amounts” —so spoke the Enlightened One.

10. Don’t complain about vexations. This leads only to resentment and poison in the heart. “Consider vexations as the first door on the path”—so spoke the Enlightened One.

C doesn’t wait for anything. I mean, she doesn’t WAIT. Even when she screams for this or that – ice skates or red flyers that melted – she isn’t really waiting. So forget about your cigarette, Sig, there’s not enough time.

C only wants you to see her as she mounts the sleigh and waves like snow with the sun going down. After all these years, you haven’t figured out the right question, Sig!

I bow down and turn my palms up to the sky. This is it, “this is IT!” Sig comes roaring out of (what was) Queens in the sanitized vehicle. He keeps washing his hands and beat boxing in the last standing doorway.

You can do it! My eyes haven’t seen my own hands yet, but you can do it Sig! “I said it, OK?” Now kneel down and we’ll put your cigarette out with Vitamin Water for the umpteenth time. It’s 1918.